What will be in your photograph

There are 3 main components that we want to see in your self-portrait:

1.] You

2.] Your bicycle

3.] A handwritten sign stating either why you ride a bike (I bike because…) or a biking achievement* (e.g. I learnt to ride this year…..I completed my first road race… I ditched my car for my bike..)

*your biking achievement could have taken place anywhere in the world

Example photo below

7. Becca Sparkly

The Competition

We figured everyone likes a bit of friendly competition, which is why we’re running an interactive voting system. Plus – we reckon everyone likes prizes, so why not inject that extra bit of effort to be within a chance of winning some amazing bicycle freebies.

The competition is running from January and will continue through to mid-March. However – the sooner you get your photo submitted, the sooner people can start voting for you!

Here are the categories:

1.] Most popular image [with the highest number of public votes]

2.] Most creative composition [go crazy with props] – judged by an objective panel

3.] Submission picked at random [anyone could win!] – picked by the computer

Competition winners will be announced on March 27th 2015 at a special event held at Popup Bikes.

More information about prizes, the exhibition and the event will be released towards the end of February. But for now, get that date in your diary!

A few pointers, should you want them

  • Your reason for cycling stated on your sign can be as creative as you like; [a few examples from the NYC project: “#ibikebecause It’s as close as I get to flying” & “#ibikebecause women have the power to go where they want and do what they want”]
  • This doesn’t have to be a selfie – get a mate to take your picture, this way you can concentrate on your awesome pose & best way to show off your sign
  • Your sign can be on anything, so long as it’s A3 size or bigger – the main thing is that your audience can read your statement. If possible, sturdy card or thick paper will make your statement easier to read.
  • Go bold with the doctoring of your photo – we like striking finishes! There are some great free online tools to play around with the finish of your picture – for example; Pixlr or Online Photo Editor
  • Don’t like being in photos? You reserve the right to disguise yourself as much as you want – masks / facepaints / elaborate distractions welcomed. You don’t need to show your face if you don’t wish.

What to do with your portrait

Official submission:

[This will automatically submit you into the friendly competition]

  • Upload your photograph to the website – MCRwomenbike.org.uk
  • Provide full name and contact email [this won’t be public – for admin / competition purposes]

Optional additional info:

  • Name & contact website and information about any cycling club / project / blog or upcoming events you would like to share – this is your chance to network, promote & discover!

Once your photograph is ‘live’ on the website, you will be able to follow the progress of its popularity by seeing where it stands in the voting table. Encourage your mates to vote for you by sharing your unique URL with them.

You can vote once for any photograph you want.

Fun submission extras:

  • Upload your self-portrait to the Facebook Group : MCRwomenbike [because]
  • Or to Twitter / Instagram #MCRwomenbike

Finished text poster



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