• By submitting your photo you are agreeing to let us exhibit your work publicly in exhibitions and digitally on the internet
  • By entering your contact details you are allowing us to write to you with feedback from the competition. We promise not to hound you with emails, but sporadic reminders to share your URL to friends and information about leader boards will be sent. Your contact details will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Each submission will be judged upon the merit of the content of the photo, therefore it is acceptable for one photographer to take multiple pictures without taking credit for the submission
  • You can edit or doctor your photograph as much as you like to jazz up the overall effect. There’s some great free online photo editing tools such as Pixlr
  • You can only vote once for any photo – including your own – choose wisely
  • Submissions that contain offensive content or containing signage that is illegible will not be published by the moderators

Any questions, get in touch with Anna:) anna@powwow-ecoarts.org.uk




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